Binary System Podcast #55 – WTNV Episode #96 “Negotiations”

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Binary System Podcast #55 – WTNV Episode #96 “Negotiations”

Things are a little tense in Night Vale right now. Mayor Cardinal has opened negotiations with Hiram McDaniel’s sister Hadassah, who’s acting as representative of The Five-Headed Dragon world. The Mayor wants Hiram to face the consequences of attempted assassination of a head of state; Hadassah wants Hiram extradited back to their own world for punishment (said punishment consists of getting a sticker that says “I Overthrew!”, since that’s how government works dontcha know).

So after we discussed dragons and destruction and strange spaceships that don’t seem to have a point, we also talked about Looper, Penny Dreadful, and Luke Cage. Ah, Luke Cage. We’re a little worried we might catch some flak for this one. Listen in to find out why.

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