DC Rebirth Oct 5th – Phantom Ring, Cybernetic show down, Monster Nightwing and more

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DC Rebirth Oct 5th – Phantom Ring, Cybernetic show down, Monster Nightwing and more

DC Rebirth continues to delight as issue 8 makes its grand debut in the art of action. Seems like all of our characters are battling it out: Cyborg fighting Killgore, the Justice League fighting fear itself, all while Gotham is being overrun by monsters. Even our earthbound Green Lanterns have to protect the Phantom Ring from the Dominators.

 Surprise Pick:

Green Lantern #8

I’ve been a more than a little vocal when it comes to this series – both Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are very interesting, and it feels like there is a lot of potential for these characters, but the books have been a little lackluster. This week however was quite a change up.

The plot is pretty simple – it’s Halloween night, Jessica and Baz are taking Baz’s nephew out trick or treating. While they do this they are trying to locate Rami, one of the exiled Guardians that just so happens to have the Phantom Ring with him, which the Dominators are after. Never seen a Dominator? Picture a taller yellow Ferengi (Star Trek) with elf ears and  sharper teeth.

Anyways, there are two on Earth in search of the Phantom Ring, which is a Ring that anyone can wield – it doesn’t choose the person. There is plenty of backstory on the forging of the ring, along with the exile of Rami. Apparently the ring can’t be destroyed…

Justice League #6

jlaThe Justice League is struck with fear from these rather strange-looking shadow worms. Only problem is, there are two people on the team rocking Green Lantern Rings. Yeah if it’s not obvious they know a thing or two about overcoming fear.

After eradicating the fear, Jessica Cruz does the impossible and asks Barry Allen out on a date. I’m not sure when this issue takes place but I’m assuming it’s on a different timeline then the current Flash series, as we know that Barry was kinda sort of seeing someone….

Cyborg invites Simon Baz to play some football, Superman travels home for some dinner with the wife and kids, and Batman just wants to brood and be left alone. Meanwhile back to the super date, Jessica and Barry hit it off before something strange happens: it appears they didn’t conquer their fears, and they start acting out. It’s not just them either, the entire Justice League is acting fearful!

Cyborg #2

Previously we left Cyborg going toe to toe with Kilgore. Now let’s talk about the character Kilgore – not only is he mechanical, but he’s from Alien tech and can control anything electrical. Now Kilgore reveals the plight of the Machine – and how humanity has always used them – and junks them once they’ve served a purpose. Apparently a mysterious figure has gone around and collected all the junked robots and machines and have brought them together to start a revolution. Meanwhile Kilgore kidnaps Cyborg’s dad and gives Cyborg the ultimate choice – save his dad and kill himself or let his father die…

Batman #8

Gotham city has been overrun by Monsters – more importantly some of our heroes have been changed into Monsters. As both Nightwing and Gotham Girl have been transformed, it’s now up to Batwoman and Batman to subdue them.  Oh, but Clayface certainly helps, as he formsbm-8 a Clayface armor around Batman. Meanwhile Duke and Alfred attempt to discover what they can do to stop the monsters, all while Spoiler and Orphan deal with the rescued people of Gotham who have been infected with uncontrollable anger. Lucky for Gotham Girl, Duke finds the cure and transforms her back, only to have to deal with a Man Bat Nightwing.

Nightwing #8

The showdown continues as the Bat Family has to save Man Bat Nightwing. While is normally a pretty impossible task, thankfully they had the antidote. Nightwing and Spoiler do some researching as all the defeated monsters start to merge into their ultimate form. Oh, and Batman is finally going after Hugo Strange.

Top Pick:

Superman #8

Superboy (John aka: Superman’s son) is doing his science project, which just so happens to be a UFO that he saw in his dream. While doing a test flight the UFO transforms into what looks like a Boom Tube and transports Superman, Superboy, and Krypto to a mysterious island. What good is having this type of island unless you fill it with Dinosaurs? The Super Fam has to battle Terror-dactyls. While exploring the rest of the island they find plenty of WWII stuff that very reminiscent of a Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier. It’s actually a fantastic love letter to classic adventure comics that I can’t wait to continue reading.