BSP #60 – The Binary System Crapfest

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BSP #60 – The Binary System Crapfest

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! (Or, if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, happy Thursday.) Want to kill some time while the turkey’s baking? Need to while away the minutes in the car? Want to get away from the holiday cheer with some good old fashioned negativity? We’re here to help! Presenting the first-ever Binary System Crapfest! In an attempt to keep all our complaints and judgeyness contained in one place (…which totally will not work…) we’re ranting about as many things as we can cram into a half hour, and no more than two minutes per rant. What makes our list of things we hate? Listen in to find out!

With one caveat: No. Politics.

The intro and outro music this week is by Birdstriking: “Hate Me? You Did!” which seemed appropriate.

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