Binary System Podcast #62 – WTNV #99 “Michigan”

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Binary System Podcast #62 – WTNV #99 “Michigan”

This week, intern Kareem is dealing with some family issues in his hometown Mitchigan. Mmmitcchigan. Mmisshtigan. Mishhigan. Mishhtigan. Okay we can’t quite get the pronunciation right, but it’s that state right between OhHEEoh and Canada. Kareem’s worried that his Mom sounds a little different in her latest letters. Nothing big, she just seems to think her son Kareem is still at home, so she doesn’t know who this total stranger is who keeps sending her letters. You know, the usual family stuff.

The outro music is 85 seconds of Quiet Americans by Shearwater, the song featured in Night Vale’s Weather that we liked so much. If you’d like to hear the whole song you can find it in Night Vale episode 99, or at

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