Binary System Podcast #63 – WTNV #100 – Toast

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Binary System Podcast #63 – WTNV #100 – Toast

It’s here! The one-hundredth episode of Welcome to Night Vale! It was amazing! And not what we were expecting!

(Seriously, if after 100 episodes this show can still surprise us, that means they’re doing it right.)

Listen in as the twins recap a Very Special Episode of Night Vale, and then discuss Netflix’s The OA (meh), The Night Manager (we’ve got Nathan watching it!), Mr. Robot (c’mon amazon, post season two to the Prime queue), Walking Dead (good job on the mid-season hiatus, AMC, you had us worried there) and Rogue One (no spoilers, partly because we wouldn’t do that to you and mostly because Kathryn hasn’t seen it yet.)

Also, Merry whateverholidayyou’recelebrating!

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