Review – Lucifer #13 – Holiday Special

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Review – Lucifer #13 – Holiday Special

If you like your Holiday Specials with less Santas and elves and more death and disembowelment, this would be the book for you. See below for a review of Lucifer #13.

I figured that this issue would be violent and darkly humorous, and I was right. I figured that it’d be well-written, and I was right. What I hadn’t figured was that one of the artists on the book would be Ben Templesmith, and that was a little early Christmas present to me. I loved his work on the late Gotham by Midnight, and his Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse series is one of my favorites. It was wonderful to see his take on our favorite fallen angel.

The first story in the book, written by Holly Black with Marco Rudy on the art, put me in mind of the old Hellraiser graphic novels: two thieves find an object that’s really, really bad for them, and Lucifer watches them destroy themselves with quiet satisfaction. Aside from the mention of Krampus and Winter Solstice at the beginning, and a few words from Lucifer on the promise of a new year, it’s not really a holiday story, as it could stand on its own in any time of year. It was nicely disturbing though. Rudy’s depiction of Lucifer is both younger and scruffier than I’m used to seeing him, but the art has a detailed, almost watercolor-like feel, with very rich color.

The second story by Richard Kadrey is more of a Christmas story, as it has a gift exchange and a holiday party. It also has a couple demons up to no good, and Lucifer getting into the spirit of the season in a way I didn’t expect, but really really liked. And of course Templesmith’s art is wonderfully creepy. I especially liked Lucifer’s face as he gives a puzzled glare to his snowman drink topper.

The previews below are all Marco Rudy’s pages (I love how he does Mazikeen) but if you’d like to see examples of Ben Templesmith’s style you can always check out his bigcartel page.