Binary System Podcast #66 – Comics, Movies, and Cosplay

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Binary System Podcast #66 – Comics, Movies, and Cosplay

No new Welcome To Night Vale episode to recap this week. But never fear, the BSP team is more than willing to blather on about the comics we’re reading, the movies we’re watching, and then have a long discussion about what cosplay items are becoming a no-go (Elizabeth: wigs, Kathryn: anything that’s worn too close to my throat) and why a cosplay based on the Session Twins from Matt Wagner’s Grendel Quest might be a little too obscure for most people to get.

In case you want a full breakdown, it’s: the new Night Vale live show, the new Optimus Prime series, Grendel, DC’s Vixen, Saga, Frozen, Oscar-nominated documentaries, a total derail into wine and other alcohol, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Nine, Junkpunk, cosplay, and why wigs and chokers suck.

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