Review – Fences

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Review – Fences

By guest columnist Bert (thehorrorscope.)

Oh Viola! This wasn’t a movie I had planned to see, but with so many opportunities to see advance screenings I figured why not? It’s now turned out to be one of the better awards season movies I’ve seen so far.

fences (1)It’s a very simple story of a man and his wife and their quiet life together. It’s originally a stage play which is obvious; it’s very self contained and minimalist, not to mention extremely wordy, lots of dialogue. Fast dialogue too, there were a few times I thought “what did they just say?”

The only negative I can find with this movie is it could’ve been a bit shorter (its runtime is 138 minutes). What it lacks in plot it more than makes up for in its performances, probably one of the most well-acted movies of recent years.

Viola completely ripped my heart out. In her big scenes she had my body covered in goosebumps and on the verge of tears. What an amazing and completely non vain performance. For much of the movie she’s very reserved and quiet but in the third act she is phenomenal, she will definitely get her Oscar this year and deservedly so, it’s her finest hour.

Another one for the drama lovers out there, if you’re an awards season junkie like me, this movie is essential viewing!

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