REVIEW: Sherlock S4 Ep2 Various Observations and Fangirling (Contains Spoilers)

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REVIEW: Sherlock S4 Ep2 Various Observations and Fangirling (Contains Spoilers)

Not a minute by minute review, but does contain spoilers, a little profanity and a ton of jumping to conclusions.

Welcome back to the crazy world of Sherlock. I survived Episode 1, barely. I tried not to get on social media and read any speculations for episode 2. I did okay, but here I am talking about the second episode and all my thoughts wander to what in the hell is going to happen next? But before we talk about the future let’s talk about episode 2.

First, I want to give a shout out to the wonderful actors in this show. I would say this anyway, especially about Benedict Cumberbatch, but damn. This episode delivered performances that should be given all the awards. All of them. How Cumberbatch remembers those lines and says them so fast is beyond me. Sometimes I feel like I need to slow down the speed just to understand him. That, and I just like looking at him in slo mo. Don’t judge. The great performances weren’t just from him, let’s talk about Una Stubbs and Mrs. Hudson’s amazing dialog.  

Oh Mrs. Hudson, can I be you when I grow up? Her character has gone from “Not your housekeeper” to pulling a gun on Sherlock and sticking him in the boot of her very expensive car. Really expensive. The scene that shows just how she got him in the boot was pretty amazing. The slowed down speed. The tea cup falling. Mrs. Hudson pointing the gun at Sherlock and telling him, “You’re not my first smackhead.”  I will never forget where I was when that scene happened. Sigh. She has lived downstairs from Sherlock for a long time, but Mary’s death has sent Sherlock into a downward spiral that even she can’t tolerate. She is just over his shit. Who wouldn’t be. John is ignoring him. Molly wants to smack him again (I am sure of it). Mycroft just annoys him and Sherlock still blames himself for Mary’s death. Honestly, that is enough to send a non-addict, well adjusted person over the edge. All of this has happened and we haven’t even made it to the ‘solving the crime’ bit!


That brings me to Toby Jones who plays Culverton Smith. I mean, come on, anyone with a name like Culverton is bound to be a dick.  Sorry if I just offended half of England. That laugh of his is pretty scary. Who the fuck lets their friend/boss hook an IV up to them? I understand it was needed for the story but obviously they have never met me. I would’ve had him wadded up like a pretzel the first time he got a needle near me. Big ole NOPE. AND was anyone else thinking that he seems eerily like that orange, hateful man that just won the presidential election in the US? Just wondering.

Mary’s appearance in John’s head was unexpected, but damn I was glad she was there. I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her yet. Amanda Abbington delivers a performance that had me laughing and crying. When John was talking to Sherlock about Mary and then turned to talk to Mary to finish telling how he cheated on her; the look on her face said it all, ‘I am sad, but I can’t let you see and we are done’. In this case it was only because she is dead. Where are all my kleenex?! At that moment Sherlock realized that John was seeing things and the look on his face was almost relief that someone might understand him now. We all know he has hallucinated plenty in his life.  More kleenex, thank you.

I was exhausted at the thirty minute mark, but was excited for the rest of the episode. The way that we all missed that Faith, E and Euros was the same chick was just insane. I was talking to my bestie about it and told her that in an interview Moffat and Gatiss said that it was because we were all distracted that Sherlock appeared to be having fun with Faith. Almost to a point of flirting.  We were all distracted by the fact that John was flirting with E and thinking of cheating. WTF John! And lastly, distracted from the shrink because of Hudders and Sherlock making a grand entrance. Good point Mofftiss. Trolls. By the time we got to the scene that Euros revealed herself I was so emotionally exhausted they could’ve told me anything at that point.  

On to some fluff.  Everyone that has had to listen to me talk about Sherlock for more than ten minutes is bound to know that I ship Sherlolly. Molly is a character that speaks to many women in so many ways. I love her. It just so happens that in real life, Louise Brealey, who portrays Molly is badass too. She also loves her fans and ships Sherlolly. When Sherlock climbed into that ambulance with her I was so excited because I knew there would be a ton of fan fiction stories written about that. Louise was asked about that scene on Twitter. Insert Fangirl squeal noise.  



Molly Sherlock Ambulance

The scene when John is at Baker Street babysitting Sherlock until Molly gets there sent all the Johnlock shippers into a frenzy. The tears flowing from John’s eyes and Sherlock comforting him made me cry too. But didn’t they say Molly would be there in 20 minutes. I want to see some of that. Please? No matter what I ship I agree with John. Sherlock should text Irene back because he is human. 


So, what will happen in episode 3? Not sure if my heart can take much more, but I will watch with bated breath. Some people are speculating that Euros is not Sherrinford because of that little comment that Sherlock made, “What is it about the number 3? People always give up at three.” Does that mean there are four Holmes siblings? Hell if I know. I just like guessing. Maybe one of them has a split personality or maybe Euros is it. One thing we do know is that at some point Sherlock will be a dick, John will not understand something, Mycroft will maybe hook up with Lady Smallwood (am I the only one that thinks that is so weird) and the game will be ON!

Let me know what you suspect will happen in episode 3. Comment below or find me on Instagram and Twitter, @sthrngrlsrck