Binary System Podcast #71 – WTNV #102 “Love is a Shambling Thing”

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Binary System Podcast #71 – WTNV #102 “Love is a Shambling Thing”

Pretty appropriate Welcome To Night Vale title for a Valentine’s Day-themed recap, don’t you think? It’s actually the new Valentine’s Day slogan that the Night Vale City Council came up with and…what? Hang on…okay, that’s apparently not the correct slogan. The real one’s longer. Much, much longer. This may take a while.

Join the twins as they recap a WTNV episode with classic themes like romantic dinners at the exclusive Tourniquet restaurant, Classified ads (Lost: Moths. All of them.), and heartfelt demands for justice made by a five-headed dragon who’s still mourning the loss of 1/5th of her brother.  And if that’s not enough, there are also two references to punching Nazis. Because when isn’t it a good time to punch Nazis?

Just a few more days until the Oscars! Find links to all the articles posted (which will be updated with every new review) right here.

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