Review – Florence Foster Jenkins

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Review – Florence Foster Jenkins

By guest columnist my_year_in_movies.

Admittedly, I’d decided to hate this movie well before I saw it. The concept alone was enough to make we want to peel my eyeballs. It looked twee, it looked ridiculous and when I heard Streep had received yet another oscar nomination I assumed it was because she’d just turned up and that’s generally enough.

I forced myself to watch it because I try to see all best actor/actress/picture/director Oscar nominees before the awards. And you know what? I actually really enjoyed it.

FlorenceFosterJenkinsPosterIt is ridiculous but it’s also a lot of fun, Streep is great in it and very funny. She also brings a lot of heart to the role and by the end I was really rooting for her and was genuinely moved at times. Did she deserve the nomination? There have definitely been better performances but it no longer infuriates me. Hugh Grant is also great, no real diversion from his usual type of performance but he’s also genuinely very funny, as is Simon Helberg.

It is a bit of a one trick pony and a bit repetitive at times but it’s not the hell I’d expected. So note to self, don’t judge a movie by its poster. 7/10.

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