Binary System Podcast #72 – Oscar Reactions

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Binary System Podcast #72 – Oscar Reactions

This week the twins discuss the Oscars, and by “discuss” we mean “do a full body cringe at the awkwardness of watching them give Best Picture to the wrong movie.

But we get around to mentioning which movies won what and which ones we wished won (say THAT five times fast.) And later Kathryn explains why the show Lucifer is pretty ridiculous and why she’s completely unable to stop watching it.

Correction: We’d mentioned the filmmaker behind The White Helmets didn’t attend the Oscars as a protest against the Travel Ban. Actually that was Asghar Farhadi, the director of The Salesman, which won for Best Foreign Language film, who didn’t attend as a protest and “out of respect for the people of my country.” Khaled Khatib, the cinematographer for The White Helmets, COULDN’T attend the Oscars because, according to CNN and Fox (we aim to be impartial here) his visa was canceled by the Syrian regime. (We think. Early reports said the US blocked him from entering, but apparently they blocked him because he didn’t have a visa, because it was canceled.) So that’s what’s going on there.

Correction the second: Turns out the dates mentioned for the Oak City Comic Con were also incorrect; it actually takes place on March 18-19, not 17-18. Because why would we verify things BEFORE we mention them on the podcast?

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