Binary System Podcast #73 – WTNV #103 “Ash Beach”

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Binary System Podcast #73 – WTNV #103 “Ash Beach”

Anyone looking to take an early spring vacation? Why not take a trip to Night Vale’s newest attraction: Ash Beach. The town’s landlocked, so there’s no water, and the sand’s been replaced with ash from thousands of municipally burned books, so you’ll need a respirator. Other than that, it’s blisteringly hot, and hazy figures are infecting beachgoers with memories of things that never happened. It’s not a typical vacation, but you could do worse (although not much.)

When they’re not recapping the episode or watching Elizabeth’s cat lose her frikkin’ mind, the twins talk about the upcoming Convention season that kicks off with Oak City Comic Con in Raleigh. And for all you Transformers fans, Kathryn accepts the challenge to explain the difference between “Forged” and “Constructed Cold” in five minutes or less.

Correction: Elizabeth said she’d been reading about Transformers’ sparks in Till All Are One recently. She meant to say Lost Light.

Correction the second: Kathryn referred to a scientist who studies fish as a botanist. Obviously she meant to say biologist, although if you want to get really technical then the correct term is  ichthyologist.

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