Binary System Podcast #76 – A Small Plan

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Binary System Podcast #76 – A Small Plan

“This week we have no plan.”
“We kind of have a plan.”
“We have a little bit of a plan.”
“We have two things to talk about, so, that’s a tiny plan.”
“It’s better than no plan at all.”

This week we talked about Kong: Skull Island (since both of us have seen it now,) Guillermo Del Toro’s Trollhunters, and Tom Hiddleston, because of course Tom Hiddleston.

Correction: The name of the actor we can never remember in Kong was John C. Reilly. Sorry John. 

Correction the second: Benedict Cumberbatch was indeed in a Hamlet production in 2015, but that one was only three hours. It’s Andrew Scott (otherwise known as Moriarty) who was in a 2017 version that clocks in at four hours. Sorry Benedict. Sorry Andrew.

Correction the third: it’s Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters, plural, with an s. Trollhunter without the s is a completely different thing. Sorry Guillermo.

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