Review – Power Rangers

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Review – Power Rangers

By guest columnist k.e.n.n.y.h.

“…this is a bad idea right?”
“The worst.”

Surprisingly not really – that’s right. Power Rangers are back for all you kiddies from the nineties (and everyone else who’s wondering what the hell all of this is.) Welcome to the re-imagining of the original American knock-off of Japanese Super Sentai (has no bearing on the movie, but we’re all about the facts here.) The cult classic has a reboot with a new look, a new feel, and undoubtedly a new merchandise range.

To keep the plot spoiler free, basically we see a group of misfits (a-la Breakfast Club style) who find themselves chosen and mixed up in a fight that goes back to the time of the dinosaurs, to save a…you know what? It gets a little silly saying this out loud so let’s just say “awkward kids get badass powers and do some good.” It really is better than it sounds.

Look, I was never really a fan of the TV show, but this new look and feel was very entertaining. I had a lot of fun watching this. The acting was actually good – save Rita being a little over the top. The fights were great, the Zords/Mecha nice, but the characters had interesting stories and their development in the first act was good – not one dimensional cartoon cutouts.


I won’t go through who all the actors are, but I will say the kids are great, especially Dacre Montgomery (shout out to the Aussie,) Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler. They brought a lot to the film. Bryan Cranston had an enjoyable supporting role too (a little darker than expected.)

This had comedy, action, nostalgia (even a nod to the original theme) and over all else – fun. You don’t need to be an original groupie for this. A nice popcorn afternoon epic to enjoy, laugh with, and then move on (though yes, there is a mid credit scene and yes the fans will probably go a little insane – is sequel talk too early?)

…but on a serious note – would you follow four strangers into an active mine site at night? If so, I can guess your future but it won’t involve spandex and mega robots – just saying…

Take care 😎

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