WonderCon 2017 – Panel Alert: Logan

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WonderCon 2017 – Panel Alert: Logan

How exciting! Pixelated Geek can’t wait for this one. Details below.

Behind the Creative Process of ‘Logan’ panel at WonderCon presented by HALON Entertainment will exclusively premiere behind-the-scenes VFX material!

DATE: Friday, March 31

PANEL TIME: 3:00-4:00PM


PANEL DESCRIPTION: Wishing you had more insider info on what it took to make FOX’s epic film ‘Logan’? HALON Entertainment’s Previs and Postvis supervisor, Clint G. Reagan, and Art Directors Guild Award nominated Production Designer, Francois Audouy, take you behind the scenes with never before seen material. Clint and Francois will dive into one of ‘Logan’s’ action packed sequences to discuss defining the look, action, and story details of the film. You won’t want to miss this journey deep into the world of ‘Logan’! This is a great panel for movie lovers and aspiring film professionals.

Logan Panel

Logan Panel 2