Binary System Podcast #79 – WTNV Episode 106 “Filings”

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Binary System Podcast #79 – WTNV Episode 106 “Filings”

In Night Vale it’s illegal to acknowledge the existence of angels, so they’re out to change that, and you know what that means: PAPERWORK. Also minor riots, dragons, and rifts in the space-time continuum. It IS Night Vale we’re talking about.

After the twins recap the episode they also get into Mystery Science Theater 3000: the Return (and how delightfully creepy Felicia Day can be), the new Beauty and the Beast movie (and how it’s okay if you make a movie that’s only for Disney Fans because that’s a hell of an army to contend with), the new Iron Fist (about which we’ll say very little) and the Hugo Award nominations (about some of which we’ll say nothing at all…)

Correction: The gentleman who played LaFou in the new Beauty and the Beast is Josh Gad, and he was fantastic. Also we’re pretty sure we should’ve pronounced it “LaFoo” and not “LaFoe.”

Correction the second: Well actually more of a clarification. Intern Kareem left the Night Vale Radio Station in order to take Simone Rigadeau’s Earth Sciences course to try to find out, among other things, why no one has heard of Michigan. We didn’t mention this on the podcast because apparently two episodes ago is too long to expect us to do stuff like remembering things.

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