Review – Fate of the Furious: Fast and Furious 8

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Review – Fate of the Furious: Fast and Furious 8

By guest columnist k.e.n.n.y.h.

…it’s all about family…well ok it’s supposed to be about cool cars…but also huge explosions…and over the top action sequences. But yeah, there’s family too…


Fate of the Furious – Fast and Furious 8 (yes 8) is our latest intake of high octane fumes, short shorts and insane suspension of the laws of physics. The crew of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) are swept up into another crazy ride, trying to solve one very basic question – what do you do when the boss plays Mr Bad Guy and you’re on the opposite side (seriously, this is the first time they were with the authorities while Dom is still being a badass crim).

From the trailers it is known Dom gets recruited by the very bad (and making bad look so good) Cipher (Charlize Theron) to pull off some dastardly naughty scheme that launches him against his beloved crew. Hence they are pitted against each other in a race to figure out that a plot is in here somewhere in amongst explosions, car chases, submarine chases (it’s a thing), prison fights and deep character development (ok that last one is a stretch).

Look if you have liked the series (for the last few at least) then you are going to go see this, and probably enjoy it. I did.
But this is not as good as the last couple I thought. This takes the “over the top” elements and goes further. Again that’s not a bad thing. The silliness is more silly (again not all bad). And the set pieces are well directed and executed to be entertaining.

You get what you expect (or should have gone in expecting). This is an extravagant action popcorn movie, to be enjoyed when you want to zone out and ignore the more serious things in life. This is about seeing some amazing car chases, some eighties style smackdown fights, and watching this current crew go about their business in ways you know and like, and some new tricks as well.

Performances of note: Kurt Russell is funnier, Scott Eastwood didn’t really impact, Tyrese Gibson actually goes badass for a little bit and Helen Mirren makes a nice little cameo.

Ignore the plot holes, the ignorance of past actions in previous films and the total disregard of the natural forces at work in our physical universe.

Take care 😎

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