Review – Free Fire

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Review – Free Fire

By guest columnist c.dyer_movies.

When the first few shells hit the ground in Free Fire, you know right away you’re in for a treat of great proportions. Who knew action films this contained could be so fresh and fun?

Free Fire Movie

Free Fire is oozing with energy, charisma, and a welcome presence of comedic sadism. This is dark comedy (among many other things) done right. From the casual exchange of slurs to the maniacal and gruesome murder of a fairly major character, Free Fire is crazy grimy, crazy dark, and crazy funny. This is the hardest I’ve laughed in a cinema in quite some time. I embarrassed myself a fair amount as well through my audible snorts and cackles throughout the runtime.

Wheatley reinvents the action/comedy genre rather than attempting to revamp or master the formula, which is quite refreshing. He gives the audience what they want as far as thrills and laughs without ever sacrificing the objective quality of what is not only a fantastic popcorn film, but an incredible FILM as well.

The cast here is phenomenal. Sharlto Copley delivers a funny and insanely snarky performance, all while packing that divine essence that only he possesses. Jack Reynor, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, and Brie Larson all deliver truly unique and diverse performances making each of their characters all the more interesting and making the film itself all the more energetic and charismatic.

Amy Smart and Ben Wheatley’s screenplay is a clever, self-aware marvel that’s legitimately intriguing and insanely smart and fun. The action is much more chaotic than the action sequences in The Raid or John Wick films per say. There’s not the same level of focus, but it’s still both loads of fun and without a doubt, VERY impressive. The action has a very natural and cohesive flow, and blends with the humor perfectly.

In conclusion, Free Fire is both one of the best action films of the decade and one of the best comedies of the decade. It’s wicked. It’s grimy. It’s clever. It’s slick. It’s a whole lot of quality fun.


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