Binary System Podcast #83 – Zombies Run with special guest Hannah

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Binary System Podcast #83 – Zombies Run with special guest Hannah

If you’ve ever said “the only way I’d go running is if something was chasing me” then you already know one of the reasons we’re fans of the Zombies, Run app. This week the twins’ sister Hannah Wallace guest stars on the podcast to talk about all the other reasons we love this post-apocalyptic game/story/activity tracker, where zombies randomly show up to make you run faster while our favorite British voice actors cheer us on.

We also fall down the rabbit hole of podcasts from across the pond, and how Hannah may or may not be stalking actors who perform Shakespeare with soup.


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Find Hannah on Twitter at @HannahWallace.

The closing song is “I’ve Heard That Song Before” by Harry James, because it was used in the movie Hannah and Her Sisters.

The Zombies, Run website is here.
Wooden Overcoats is here. (Kathryn’s Wooden Overcoats fan art is here.)
No Such Thing as a Fish is here.
One of Felix Trench’s Soup Soliloquies is here.
James Hamilton’s demonic Build a Bear video is here.

Correction from Hannah: I do feel the need to point out (and APOLOGIZE) for I think being really dumb in how I characterized Jamie’s accent, which I believe is east London/Multicultural London English. I kind of blew past it with a dumb-oversimplification re: race, and I think I should just say I’m way too uninformed to have gone anywhere near that. I think I made it sound like you could identify race by accent, and obviously I know that’s not true.

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