Review – Alien: Covenant

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Review – Alien: Covenant

By guest columnist Caleb Luther.

Covenant simultaneously feels like Alien, Aliens and Prometheus, which both works for the movie and hurts the movie.

AlienCovenantThe biggest flaw of this film is that it’s not as good as Prometheus, visually or narratively. With that being said, this still works as a sci-fi/horror film. Does it excel at either of those genres? No. But it is a worthwhile time if you’re an Alien fan or Prometheus fan.

Which brings me to my next point. You almost had to have liked Prometheus to even remotely like this film. Yes, this is essentially an Alien movie, but there’s still a decent chunk of Prometheus in this. This sort of mashup of narratives will divide audiences.

I’m obviously leaning towards the positive side because it is very nice to look at and the initial tension that’s built is simply superb. There comes a point in the movie where I had to make adjustments as a viewer. Not everyone will make this adjustment, but if you can, you’ll find yourself having a good time for what it is. This is a bit of a disappointment, but I’m anxious to watch it again now that I know what kind of movie this is.

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