Review – The Hunter’s Prayer

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Review – The Hunter’s Prayer

By guest columnist thenoshitmoviecritic.

With Jonathan Mostow, director of the 2003 Terminator 3 movie, and an estimated $17 Million budget it is hard to put this in the low budget category; so let’s not, although it feels like it at times.


Nonetheless, one can expect an unoriginal and at times a rather typical hitman type storyline, which is likely the film’s major drag on the entertainment value.

The acting is fair, minus Sam Washington’s role which is nicely semi-action packed. However maybe he wasn’t the best choice for lead (all considered ). Interestingly, he is also a voice in the Call of Duty video games and starred in Hacksaw Ridge (8.5/10).

If a cliche drama, thriller action flick may fancy you, this one is worthy a 50/50 toss up in the entertainment department – scheduled release date June 9th.

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