Review – Unforgettable

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Review – Unforgettable

By guest columnist my_year_in_movies.

As much as I enjoy a £45 steak, sometimes all I want is a £2 burger off the back of a van. These relationship thrillers are exactly that for me and Unforgettable is a good one.

Katherine Heigl plays an ex wife, hellbent on destroying her former husband’s new partner. Heigl plays the role fantastically deranged, she really goes for it with the crazy and is completely over the top in the best possible way. She’s bloody hilarious.

The whole movie, if you approach it with a sense of humour, is hilarious. I think that’s the key to enjoying these things: don’t take them seriously and there’s a lot to be enjoyed.

RosarioRosario Dawson plays her role completely straight which plays well against Heigl. She has the less interesting role but it’s always good to see her on the big screen.

Is it a great movie by conventional standards? Probably not, but that doesn’t stop it being a whole lot of fun. 8/10.

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