Binary System Podcast #84 – Lightning Speed Intermission

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Binary System Podcast #84 – Lightning Speed Intermission

Both branches of Binary System Podcast are once again on the road this week, so we recorded a 7-minute podcast. And still managed to fit in the Sense8 and Till All Are One cancellations, American Gods, how we haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, how Elizabeth has seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and how Kathryn is still trying to get through Iron Fist (it’s…not going well.)

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EDITED TO ADD: Elizabeth mentions that she didn’t understand what was going on in the final panel of the most recent issue of Transformers Lost Light. Well James Roberts himself has tweeted the answer to us, which was awfully nice of him. Minor spoilers though, so if you’d like to see what he said, go here.

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