Review – Despicable Me 3

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Review – Despicable Me 3

By guest columnist k.e.n.n.y.h.

Ha ha, I like it. Not a lot….I don’t like it…

Psych! I liked it.

Illumination has given us their fourth film in the Gru-iverse (that may not be a thing, but you heard it here first) with Despicable Me 3 – The Redemption of the Minions (…okay, I made up the second part, but it’s strangely accurate.)

Gru (Steve Carell) and the family are back for another adventure, facing off against criminal mastermind Balthazar Brat (Trey Parker). It’s a tale that includes the dismissal from their agency, the discovery of an unknown brother, a revolt of the Minions, and the treacherous journey of Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) as the new Stepmom (well, it’s maybe more awkward than treacherous).

A lot of people have been critiquing this against the earlier films, but I thought that was a little unfair. I watched this on its own merits and enjoyed it for what it gave. The laughs are there, the fun is there, and the heart is definitely there. Are they as good? Probably not, but only because we have seen this style before and surprise isn’t a factor anymore. This does blunt the comedy for sure, but it’s still entertaining.

The standouts again are the little girls. Agnes in her quest for unicorns will melt the most hardened cynic out there and make them realize they still have some part of a soul somewhere (…so it’s been said – I wouldn’t know firsthand or anything…moving on…) The Minions are also back and remind us they are best in supporting roles who can steal a scene.

The performances by all are great, though Dr. Nefario unfortunately only has a small mention (I was disappointed to be honest.) Carell and Wiig were great yet again, but this time Carell also had to do double duty as Gru’s twin Dru. He did a fine job developing two distinct characters this time around.

There are a lot of easter eggs in the background, so keep your eyes peeled.

Big applause to the ’80s soundtrack. I loved the music (the exception being one Madonna track that I thought was just out of place) which highlighted their scenes beautifully – especially the dance fights.

Overall, a good outing for Illumination: a fun film for everyone who likes heists, mayhem, and unicorns.

Take care 😎

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