Review – 2:22 and The Dinner

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Review – 2:22 and The Dinner

This week TheNoShitMovieCritic looks at two films that came in under the radar, despite a few notable names. Read on for reviews of 2:22 and The Dinner.


This movie was surprisingly better than I thought it was going to be. The leads (Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer and Sam Reid) were quite entertaining, especially Hacksaw Ridge‘s Teresa Palmer. The 2:22 time and space concept is this film’s most valuable asset. Commendable writing. With few flaws, not too far-fetched, the concept behind this thriller is a “put-together-the-pieces” type style that doesn’t get too boring too quick. The direction and visuals are spot on for the subject matter. Commendable camera work. However, I don’t consider this one a keeper, but certainly worth a watch. 6/10

The Dinner

Laura Linney and Richard Gere joined up in the 1996 Primal Fear, which was a far better movie, but different context. Nonetheless, with certain recollection all of Gene’s movies are watch-worthy. This crime based, high-roller, low key, cerebral drama requires one to pay closer attention to the dialogue sequencing, which is a scattered series of unfortunate events forming a play-like-script, jousting with overlaid narration. The acting is authentic as expected, the cuts clean and the style standard flat data input (so to say). The mystery component is that it literally seems to just stop. Cut! The End. Credits. 5/10


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