Review – Transformers: The Last Knight

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Review – Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay’s (apparently) final Transformers movie was a marvel of special effects and glorious, beautiful explosions. A lot of people really didn’t like it.
Guest columnist Narrator26 weighs in.

Michael Bay’s latest installment into his much-maligned Transformers series rolled out this past weekend to serve yet another overlong feast of bloated robot mayhem. And with Bay finally vacating the director’s chair after this entry, one might be forgiven for thinking that he would try to go out on a high of sorts; predictably though, that’s not the case.

Transformers - the Last Knight PosterThe reason I give films like this my time is because I enjoy mindless nonsense from time to time in the same way I enjoy fast food. Small doses certainly don’t hurt now and again, and I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t divulge my fondness for this bombastic brand of cinema on occasion. With that in mind, if you’ve ever had a dodgy takeaway, you know what watching this film feels like.

Bloated, tasteless and difficult to digest, The Last Knight makes the unforgivable mistake of being spectacularly bland. With a sprawling story, incomprehensible twists and an infuriating lack of consistency with its aspect ratio, I’d claim that Transformers 5 is the worst addition to the series so far. The fact that it didn’t satisfy even the most basic of my silly blockbuster cravings was criminal and it genuinely felt like a waste of time.

Even if you’re curious, I’d avoid paying money to see this painfully lazy firework display. I’m off for a few Bud Lights to help forget Anthony Hopkins’ dialogue. Thoughts?

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