Binary System Podcast #95: WTNV #113 “Niecelet” and many tangents

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Binary System Podcast #95: WTNV #113 “Niecelet” and many tangents

It’s a nice rambly podcast this week, first with a Night Vale recap where Cecil talks about eclipses you can’t see from this planet and then gets stuck in his own recording booth. And then Elizabeth drags the podcast off on not one but TWO tangents, once about mythical two-headed snakes and another about alien tourists on Earth. And finally a segue into the Defenders, John Barrowman’s awesome DragonCon cosplay, sand castles, Lady Killer, Motor Girl, conventions, Cabin in the Woods, and “My Dad Wrote a Porno.

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Correction the first: after going on and on about how cool the poem “Amphisbaena” is, it might’ve been nice to actually mention what it is. It’s a snake with a head at each end. There you go. (We were also probably pronouncing it incorrectly, it’s “Am-fis-BEAN-uh” not “Am-fis-BEAM-uh.”

Correction the second: C.J. Cherryh’s real name is Carolyn Janice Cherry, and she pronounces it “Cherry,” she added the H because of the whole “we need you to use a name that doesn’t sound feminine” thing. Don’t get us started.

Correction the third: Elizabeth said she read Lady Killers. She meant Lady KILLER, singular. And it’s by Joëlle Jones, since we can never remember to say her whole name ON the podcast.

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