Friday the 13th the Series – 30th Anniversary Screen Cap Gallery

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Friday the 13th the Series – 30th Anniversary Screen Cap Gallery

The title of this TV show confuses an awful lot of people, but forget about Jason and the mask: Friday the 13th the Series (sometimes called Friday’s Curse, just to make things more confusing) was a Canadian production in the late 80s, featuring a curiosity shop of cursed antiques, a devil’s bargain, an aged mentor, and two “cousins” with unbelievable sexual chemistry. It was awesome. And this month is the 30 year anniversary of the first episode (well, September 28 if you’re looking at imdb, October 3 if you’re looking, um, anywhere else.)

In celebration, Binary System Podcast presents a gallery of ads, promo shots, and a pile of screen grabs, because we’re still completely obsessed. What started out as a plan to grab snaps of 80s costumes, action shots, amazing hair, and goofy villains, quickly spiraled into getting all the evidence that Micki and Ryan were meant for each other. COUSINS BY MARRIAGE. TOTALLY LEGAL.

Vanity’s Mirror

Micki wearing her best “we’re sneaking into a high school” hat.


In the Curious Goods world, Archie is a real jerk.


The very 80s and very doomed couple.


Micki you idiot! Look how he’s looking at you! He wants to grab you and make out with you and WEAR YOUR HAT.


Admit it. You wanted this compact. Not for the evil, for the pretty.


Micki has a sad.


Some subtle advertising. Ah what the hell, she looks awesome.



A walk in the country. Arm in arm of COURSE. (And we always wanted Micki’s jacket. And Ryan’s sweater.)


Lady, these two are not buying what you’re selling. (We also always wanted Micki’s hairband. And Ryan’s hat.)


The back of the DVD box set.


Quilt of Hathor

This show gets a lot of grief, but a lot of it was brilliantly well shot.


She is totally watching him sleep. Siigh.


Touching his hand OH SORRY we mean “replacing his hat.”


You’re stiiiilll staring, Micki.


See? She’s even getting him a non-cursed quilt! IT’S LOVE.


“Sweet dreams.”


Tails I Live, Heads You Die

Jack and Micki, puzzled faces (and Micki’s awesome off-the-shoulder blouse, which she totally wore because Ryan likes it.)


Micki’s “the who and the what now?” face.


Jack and Ryan’s tough-guy faces.


Jack and Ryan’s “we’re totally trustworthy” faces.


“Micki’s not with you?”


“She’s still there??”


Death by cursed coin..


Finding the body.




Even after all these years this scene still breaks our hearts…


…and continues breaking them…


…into tiny little pieces.


Realizing he has to leave her behind.


Letting her go.


A lovely bit of lighting.


Photo found on imwithjonas on flickr. John D. LeMay is active on facebook too!


Baron’s Bride



The little head shake when she looks into his eyes just killed us.


Found on, not seen as much as some of the other promo shots.


Badge of Honor

Micki and Ryan gettin their Miami Vice on.


We just had to post this moment. Ryan being jealous, Micki gazing longingly at the returned ex-boyfriend. Micki’s HAIR.


Found on taliesinttlg-dot-blogspot-dot-com, another excellent look at Robey’s awesome hair.


The Pirate’s Promise

Well now you’re just doing this on PURPOSE.


Christopher Wiggins, January 13, 1930 – February 19, 2017. RIP, Chris.


Doorway to Hell

This shot is all over the internet, it took us a while to figure out it’s from Doorway to Hell.


Ryan has to comfort Micki a lot we notice. We’re not complaining.


Snuggles are great, but post-trauma comfort snuggles are the best.


And Now the News

Setting the scene


The radio. One of the more menacing cursed items because it TALKS.


Dr. Carter and Patient


The many (well two) faces of Kate Trotter


Micki rocking the nerdy student look


A Cup of Time



That Micki, always looking for an excuse to touch Ryan’s chest. (Not that we blame her.)


Ryan and Micki are judging your morgue.


This is Micki’s snark face.


This is also Micki’s snark face.


Probably our favorite promo shot.

Coven of Darkness

We were really taken with her priestess garb.


The storyline of Micki’s powers was dropped and never heard from again. Pity.








Now kiss!


We’re convinced this shot was set up just to drive the shippers out of their minds. It worked.


Faith Healer

More “accidental” hand holding.


Heh, they’d just seen another terrible corpse, but Ryan doesn’t look all that upset. Can you blame him? Look at her hat!


Puppy dog eyes: pro level.


“What kind of person would bend a man’s lockpicks?”


Don’t worry, Ryan already made a crack about Michael Jackson.


“I’ll use science to cure him, you use magic.”


“And if he dies, all bets are off.” “Deal.”


Arms around each other. AGAIN.




“If you’re going to keep messing with the audience like this, I’m going to bed.”



Did we miss your favorite screen cap? Post them in the comments! (…no, seriously, please post them, we want ALL the screen caps.) And tune in next week for an entire podcast of us trying to fit 30 years of obsessing into 30 minutes!