Binary System Podcast #100 – One hundred episodes of randomness

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Binary System Podcast #100 – One hundred episodes of randomness

Binary System Podcast is celebrating 100 episodes! Well, not counting 20 or so recorded before we started calling them Binary System, plus some bonus episodes here and there, the odd fan art collections…you know what, it’s not important, happy one hundredth episode!

The plan was to record a retrospective of our favorite moments of the last one hundred (..or so..) episodes, starting with our favorite Night Vale episodes, our favorite Weather music, and our favorite fangirl “eeeeeee” episodes like Arrival, Sherlock, and Star Wars (plus a few “arrgh!” moments with Walking Dead.) But of course there were tangents into Blade Runner 2049, Wonder Woman, Friday the 13th the Series, American Horror Story, Saga, and Transformers, because of COURSE Transformers. 

Thanks for listening in! And if you’ve got a plan for what our next 100 episodes could be about…you’re more organized than we are!

Outro song this week is a clip from Neon Twin by Phillip Gross.

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The Alice Isn’t Dead episode with the amazing Disparition song is here. (starts at 36:29)

You can see Gabriel Royal playing Remember Us here.

You can see him playing On Again Off Again Friend here.

Shearwater Music’s Quiet Americans is here.

Their song Red Sea, Black Sea is here.

Their cover of Fucked Up Life is here.

Elizabeth’s “Thirteen of Antiques” Tarot Card is here.

The artist we were thinking of when we heard the Alice Isn’t Dead “Factory By the Sea episode” is kolja7t on deviant art.

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