Review – Blade Runner 2049

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Review – Blade Runner 2049

By guest columnist k.e.n.n.y.h.

I saw this two days ago. My eyes are still adjusting back to the dull world where we live. Visual crack, that’s what this is, and ooooooh how I need another hit….
(…disclaimer: drugs – BAD. Movie – good…)

Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel to the original 1982 movie by Ridley Scott. Set long after that, we have a new Blade Runner (Gosling) trying to run down Replicants (human androids) but getting himself dragged into problems that his futuristic dystopian world would rather didn’t exist. It’s a task that becomes a journey which then becomes a test of what is it to be human? Deep.

As a sequel some have asked:
– “did it need one?”
– “can it live up to the original?”
– “will it be the same noire story or go all modern day action flick?”
– and “Dad why are we watching this confusing, weird movie and why are you smiling and ignoring me?”

The answers, friends, is this is a truly gorgeous movie to watch for a lot of reasons:
– The visual experience is breathtaking. For the entire film you are immersed in what is arguably the best looking film this year. There is never a dull or bad frame here.
– The basic story is quite simple, a true detective style adventure. But the plotting keeps you guessing, twists and turns you, and might have you wondering who is right and wrong.
– We get some of the original cast back, not just Harrison Ford, and it’s great to see them.
– A great cast overall. Robin Wright was fantastic, along with most of the main cast. The supporting characters were all great to watch.
– Music by Hans Zimmer & Walifisch brought back the same feel of the original and was amazing
– This was just perfectly made for a big screen and big sound experience.

It still isn’t perfect and it’s not to everyone’s taste (teenagers in particular, apparently). If you liked the original’s unique story-telling style in a dystopian universe, you will like this. It is a long movie, just short of three hours, but if you are enjoying it then you will get swept away. I left feeling I had witnessed a truly great epic. And it’s so worth seeing it on the big screen – Vmax or Xtreme/Imax.

…Bring on more dreams of electric sheep…

Take care 😎



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