Review – Cult of Chucky

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Review – Cult of Chucky

Kicking off a month of October fun, TheNoShitMovieCritic gives us a spoiler-free review of the latest Child’s Play movie.

Everyone is probably at least a little familiar with this franchise that started in 1988 with the first of three “Child’s Play” installments, followed by Bride, Seed, Curse and now, the seventh, being Cult of Chucky.

Originally scheduled for release October 24, 2017, an early release may be a leak or lack of anticipated response or both. At any rate, the concept of these movies do not deviate much from version to version. It’s essentially the same humour/horror over and over with a few little additions here and there. So if you liked any of the previous versions you’ll probably equally like and complain about the content and quality of this one too.

Personally I see all these as retarded, cheese ball flicks, but I appreciate the cult-like following the Chucky doll has received. 5/10

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