Binary System Podcast #103 – Blair Witch 2016 and WTNV #117 recap

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Binary System Podcast #103 – Blair Witch 2016 and WTNV #117 recap

This week we’re throwing the format out the window! That’s right, instead of recapping Welcome to Night Vale and then talking about a movie, we’re talking about a movie first! Then the recap! Madness! Total chaos!

Ahem. Anyway. Listen in as we look at the 2016 Blair Witch sequel (which isn’t nearly as bad as you think) and then recap Welcome To Night Vale #116 “eGemony, Part 1: Canadian Club.” Which absolutely does not star Hugh Jackman.

This week’s outro song is from the 2016 Blair Witch trailer, it’s definitely a cover of “Every Breath You Take” by the Police, but it looks to have been made specifically for the movie and we haven’t found a credit for the singer or arranger, but you can find the full copy here.

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Correction: during the Blair Witch recap, Elizabeth mentions Natalia. She meant Talia. Kathryn mentions Jason. She meant James. If we can mix up any more character names, we will certainly do so.

Correction the Second: Well, not really a correction so much as something we would have found if we’d bothered to do a Google search BEFORE recording the episode. Apparently someone already found the map.

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