Binary System Podcast #104 – ALL the conventions (well, two of them anyway)

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Binary System Podcast #104 – ALL the conventions (well, two of them anyway)

That’s right, this past weekend Binary System went to ALL the conventions! And by all we mean some. Well, two. But they were really good ones!

Listen in as we debrief on the awesome cosplay and panels at NC Comicon: Bull City, and the fantastic art at DesignerCon 2017!

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Ready for some links? Here’s some links:

The NC Comiccon: Bull City photo gallery is here.

The DesignerCon 2017 photo gallery is here.

The panelists who ran the cosplay foam construction panel at NC Comicon are @cazcosplays, @jenna_say_what and @daybeforetheconcosplay.

The panelists who ran the podcasting panel at NC Comiccon are Name Redacted and Joy of Gaming (or Joy of Geek) podcasts.

Gmonik was the designer who made the amazing collage/assemblage piece.

James DeRosso is the artist who made the hilarious little monster figures at DesignerCon.

The guy Elizabeth always buys magnets from at DesignerCon is Human Tree Robot.

It wasn’t rawztoys, it’s rawrztoys, who makes the little foxes.

The stick person gif we were giggling about is here. (NSFW!)

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Correction: Rats, fandom fail. Not only did I mispronounce the Instagram name for @daybeforetheconcosplay, I also COMPLETELY misidentified the Captain America costume he was wearing. After a quick google image search I can confirm that the one he had on for NC Comicon was the one from Avengers: Age of Ultron, NOT the WWII costume from Captain America:The First Avenger.