Review – “Brigsby Bear” and “Wind River”

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Review – “Brigsby Bear” and “Wind River”

This week guest reviewer TheNoShitMovieCritic takes a look a two movies you may have missed this summer, featuring Mark Hamil in Brigsby Bear, and Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in Wind River.

Brigsby Bear

I’m going to dig really deep here to hand this PG comedy-drama a 5 star 8/10 rating. The general public may see this one less, but I think it is a keeper.

Other than some cliche elements (or borrowed ideas) the overall story is quite original and unique in my opinion. Being a big Star Wars fan it is really good to see Mark Hamill in a movie; which is a rarity, and his parts in this one are only at the beginning and the end.

SNL actor/writer Kyle Mooney does a great job with his part as the main character. The concept of amateur film making and the development of the Brigsby Bear I felt was really well done, with a large feel good component. I considered the story entertaining from start to finish. Bravo Mr. Hamill

Wind River

Although a rather slow burn in the watchability department, the drama-crime-mystery-Native American aspect is rather captivating storywise as well as cinematically. The recipe is a good mix. Cast chemistry is spot-on. The shootout scene was quite nicely done. Evidently, based on a true story? Featuring picturesque wintery backdrops. If none of the above appeals, prepare yourself for a predictable, grim, bore-fest of cliche stereotypes. It’s a 107 minute investment in a storyline that basically reveals everything in the first 15, concluding dreary and depressing.

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