Binary System Podcast #108 – The Catch-Up Episode

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Binary System Podcast #108 – The Catch-Up Episode

It’s the last podcast before Christmas so let’s celebrate with an episode that’s…not really about Christmas at all. Ho ho ho?

Okay, so we recorded this two weeks ago and forgot it was the pre-Christmas episode, and in our defense we do manage to mention the Doctor Who Christmas special….last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. (Sometimes we’re bad at TV.) But most of the episode is about the Battle Angel trailer (and her stupid, stupid eyes) plus the final episode of Futurama (did we mention we’re bad at TV?), The Crown, Twin Peaks The Return, and Let the Right One In, because nothing says Christmas like Swedish vampires.

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This week’s outro song is a clip from Podington Bear’s Back Up The Truck Jam.

Correction: Elizabeth said Christoper Waltz is playing Ido in Battle Angel. She meant Christoph. Sorry Chris.

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