PSX 2017 Preview: PIG EAT BALL

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PSX 2017 Preview: PIG EAT BALL

Out of all the games I checked out at the PlayStation Experience 2017, PIG EAT BALL is one that stands out the most. Was it the striking art style? The chiptune soundtrack? The cute little winged pig? Nope, it was actually all of the vomit. Hit the jump to read on!



Developed by Mommy’s Best Games, PIG EAT BALL puts you in control of Princess Bow, a flying pig that is trying to win her freedom from her father who happens to be a cake man. Despite the insanity in that previous sentence, PIG EAT BALL is a puzzle game that revolves around collecting tennis balls, getting fat, barfing, and of course, solving puzzles. I had around thirty minutes of hands-on time to figure out the mechanics that were present in the build that was available. And in that time I found that I really enjoyed playing PIG EAT BALL.

In the short demo I played, I had access to handful of levels that each had their own sets of special conditions that needed to be fulfilled. The general premise behind every level I played was simply to collect all the tennis balls on the map. But in order to do that I had to squeeze through a few openings that were too small when I ingested a couple tennis balls. So naturally, I barfed up all of the tennis balls I had already collected, squeezed through the opening, and collected the the remaining balls plus the balls I had collected earlier.

From what I gather, every level is housed in various hub worlds, each of which also had puzzles built into them that used mechanics that slightly differed from mechanics in the available levels or expanded on them. There were two different hub worlds available in the demo I played, the first being your average cake and tennis court themed castle. The second was a Japanese-inspired wasabi palace that had special wasabi blocks that force Princess Bow to barf due to the spiciness of the wasabi. However, if you pick up a peppermint power up, you’ll be able to withstand the wasabi without involuntarily barfing.

All-in-all I can’t wait to get my hands on the full game. Judging by the levels in the preview build and watching the trailer (see above), I can only assume that the levels further into the game get increasingly crazy and gross. And in this case, gross is a good thing.

PIG EAT BALL is slated for release in 2018.