Review – Battle of the Sexes

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Review – Battle of the Sexes

By guest columnist narrator26

Two of my favourite actors face off in this inexplicable true story about the levels of sexism that breathed all too easily through tennis in the 1970s. Considering our current celebrity climate, there’s probably never going to be better timing for this film’s release than now.

Playing safe, inside the lines, Battle of the Sexes doesn’t have as much bite as I would have hoped, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to enjoy here. Award-worthy? Perhaps. A nod for Stone may be a given and Carell may sneak a supporting nod for his arrogant, but charming display. However, beyond its fine acting, the story itself is very straight-forward. I appreciate that a biopic needs to honour its primary sources, but the overall film presents few surprises.

At over two hours, I would suggest that the pacing drag at times although I really enjoyed the real time tennis that was presented, as opposed to the usual glamourisation of sports on film. Had its subtler themes been tackled in more depth, I think Battle of the Sexes may have been celebrated more as we approach the close of a turbulent 2017. Instead, we’re left with an enjoyable dramedy which will be forgotten in due course. Thoughts?

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