Binary System Podcast #111 – Twin Peaks: The Return and Hannibal

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Binary System Podcast #111 – Twin Peaks: The Return and Hannibal

Welcome to Night Vale is still being good at a hiatus this January (bless ’em, we think they deserve a break), so we decided it was a good time for another “EEEEEEE!” fangirl-type episode. (Although in the case of Twin Peaks it’s less “EEEEEE!” and more “WHAT THE HELL, LYNCH?!”)

Spoiler warnings aplenty as the twins review everything they loved and hated about the first four episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return and the first season of Hannibal. (We’ll give you this one spoiler about Hannibal for free: nothing bad happens to Will’s dogs. Everyone else on the show is fair game, but the dogs are fine. You’re welcome.)

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The episode starts with Twin Peaks: The Return, and the section on Hannibal starts at 17:35.

The band we liked at the end of the first episode of Twin Peaks: The Return (Elizabeth thought it was the second episode because the plane broke it into two parts) is Chromatics, and they recorded a new video for the song.

This is an article about geese that are humanely raised to create pate, or you can watch the Ted Talks where it was first discussed.

This is Kathryn’s review of Janice Poon’s cookbook about the food in Hannibal.

Today’s outro music was from the final moments of Hannabal, Season 1 episode 7, Sorbet. (Thank you to NitroOnTheRocks for the clip!).

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