Binary System Podcast #112 – Peaky Blinders and Transformers Lost Light

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Binary System Podcast #112 – Peaky Blinders and Transformers Lost Light

This week the twins prove that they CAN be good at TV, darnit, because they’re both caught up on the latest season of Peaky Blinders, only a month after it dropped on Netflix so THERE. (Fair warning, there will be a-spoilers.)

After that they also catch up on what went down in issue 12 of Transformers Lost Light, which is where James Roberts KILLED A LOT OF PEOPLE WE LIKE. So, spoilers for that too.

And, because we’re never one to stick to a subject, we also get into the Till All Are One Annual, and the CW vampires, because of Stefan’s Hero Hair.

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The episode starts with the latest season of Peaky Blinders, and the section on Transformers Lost Light starts at 12:20.

Correction: when we said we were caught up on the most recent issue of Lost Light, that was before issue 13 came out this past Wednesday. Elizabeth reviewed that one here.  

The issue where James Roberts had Getaway shout “Fake news!” was Lost Light #11, and Elizabeth’s review of that is here.

The photos from ConDor Convention are here. It is a tiny convention in San Diego, but if you’re tired of the craziness of the big conventions and would like to pick up a few things from local artists and maybe get a few cosplay photos, it’s a good one to drop by.  

The outro song is a clip from Karliene’s cover of Red Right Hand (the Peaky Blinders theme.) Check out the full song here.  

(And in Elizabeth’s defense, she knows not to leave plastic bags lying around that Cricket can get into, but Cricket was wedging herself into a bag that still had groceries in it, so that’s another thing we know not to do.)

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