Review – The Phantom Thread

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Review – The Phantom Thread

By guest writer thebeardreviews.

Set in 1950’s London, the life of renowned dressmaker (Lewis) is shaken when a young, strong willed woman (Krieps) becomes his muse and lover. 

Paul Thomas Anderson crafts another beautiful film, meticulously revealing a love story that is as odd as it is elegant. The exquisite camera work paces so well with both a graceful and at times uneasy score.

My introduction to Vicky Krieps here, who brings a wonderful performance with her portrayal of Anna who, as a muse to Day Lewis’ Reynolds Woodcock, pushes buttons that would ultimately bring out the best in an artist’s work.

Now here is where I upset my cinephiles: the movie was just okay for me. I respect every little bit of the filmmaking, creating this world accompanied by such spectacular costume designs I applaud, but PTA’s pacing is… SURPRISE, a wee too slow for me. I couldn’t relate to much here, but beyond that I wanted to find a scene that truly screamed “Best Picture.”

An interesting love story shown in a less traveled light was nice, but I need a bit of entertainment. This is supposed to be Daniel Day Lewis’ final role as he enters retirement, his performance was great, but his best to date? Up for debate.

This is a long feature, and while there is beauty to be found in many corners of it, it missed the mark for me. For PTA fans this is a must watch, to other audiences out there, the list of best picture nominees has many options for alternate entertainment. 7.5/10

If you have seen it, what did you think?

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