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Everything about games and sex

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Sexual content and violence has been the corner stone flaw of video games for sometime now. These aspects become even more apparent when the two are mixed while some teenager gets their jollies off by tea bagging an opponent or perhaps the game itself presents blatant degradation of females in such franchises as Grand Theft Auto. Daniel Floyd, a student of Savannah College of Art and Design, has produced a nine-minute video that lays out sex’s relationship with video games pretty well. Read On


Roku reveals first Netflix set-top-box

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After a mildly uncomfortable wait, the very first Netflix set-top-box has landed (the Xbox 360 with plug-ins notwithstanding). Thanks to Roku, users can finally tap into the Netflix browse instant library without having to wait for physical discs to arrive. All access for just $99.99 and the $8.95 month or higher membership fees for the traditional service. Read On

Samsung Announces Insanely Fast 256GB SSD

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Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced late Sunday (May 25th, 2008) that it has developed the world’s fastest, 2.5-inch, 256 Gigabyte (GB) multi-level cell (MLC) based solid state drive (SSD) using a SATA II interface at the fifth annual Samsung Mobile Solution Forum held at the Westin Taipei Hotel. Samsung’s new 256GB SSD is also the thinnest drive with the largest capacity to be offered with a SATA II interface. Read On

The Logitech Harmony One

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I have been using the Harmony One remote for a couple months now however I wanted to give it adequate time of use before giving it a shout out. I am unsure how the remote stands up against the likes of the 800 series of remotes because the 880 model comes in at the same price and the 890 is nearly $100 more. So instead of comparing to those remotes and others I will provide a straight up look inside the Harmony One remote. Read On

Re-launch of

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We have upgraded VillainTech’s look today from the old dusty gray layout. We feel that color is important and now you’ll be seeing a lot of green since we don’t get enough of it….lol

This is the reason for a lack of posting on the site in recent weeks. We wanted to focus and ensure a great user experience with as little hiccups as possible. Anyhow, some key points this new design includes a prominent and full color masthead, easier navigation, and a more intuitive method for searching past archives. Read On