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DIY Nerf H300 Sniper

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Every office dwelling geek knows that you just can’t blow away the competition with a stock piece of equipment. Nerf warfare is no different. These guys from HNet Inc. did what they had to do to become the dominant force in their offices Nerf wars. They built their own high power Nerf rifle. Using some PVC, a sprinkler valve, and a bicycle pump, they made a Nerf gun that can fire roughly 300 feet. You can see a video of it in action after the break. Read On

Apple Blocks Streaming South Park App

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There’s yet another case of heavy handedness from Apple in rejecting potential apps from the iPhone store. The creators of South Park have put almost all of their back episodes online at South Park Studios for Flash-based streaming, and last year it was announced to fans that they would be putting together an iPhone app to give mobile users access to that content. Read On

iPhone Less Costly to Make Than BlackBerry Storm

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Despite arriving months later, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Storm is ultimately more expensive to make than its competitor from Apple, iSuppli says in a breakdown of the component costs of the two phones given to Business Week. The research group estimates that the Storm’s pure manufacturing costs come to slightly less than $203, or more than the $200 asking price for the phone online. By contrast, the iPhone 3G cost $174 as of July, less than its official $200 price. Read On