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The Villainous Lair’s Best Comics of 2013

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The Villainous Lair’s Best Comics of 2013

Happy New Years Comic Fans,

This year  has been an amazing year for comics. On behalf of the Villainous Lair we bring to you in no particular order the ten “best”  titles of 2013. These spectacular titles run the gamut from main stream Marvel and DC superhero staples to newer independent titles brought to us by many up and comers as well. Many of these titles should come as no surprise because of the writers and artists involved in them for example, who hasn’t heard of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead ? But for us, every one of these titles has been nothing short of amazing for the stories they have told. This year has brought a few surprises as well, Terry Moore who is known for his highly acclaimed Strangers in Paradise has taken an amazing and dark turn into the supernatural with his newest  offering Rachel Rising. Image comics has had hit after hit this year and Brian K Vaughn’s Saga is no exception.

The following titles will prove to be both interesting and compelling reads. I am filled with awe and reverence for this wonderful hobby called comic collecting. I also look forward to the coming year of ground breaking titles. Whether you are a casual reader or a dyed in the wool comic aficionado you will find something fun and interesting to read on this list. As of this posting Stan the Man Lee has celebrated his 91’st birthday and I wish him so many more for helping to bring all of our favorite comic characters to life and into the main stream. Excelsior Stan, Excelsior!

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