A Collection of Live Action Mario Skits

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Super Mario Bros.

A group of college students did one of the first Mario skits posted online:

But, leave it to the Japanese to take Mario skits even further:

Here’s an oldie but goody from Mega64.  It’s not really a skit, but a way to harass the public at GDC in a fun way. Oh, they got Miyamoto himself!

Mario Kart

Here’s a very famous video of Remi bringing Mario Kart to the streets

And now, a Mario Kart film made using stop motion. Although the video does not make sense and lacks on-going sound effects, it’s still pretty entertaining.

More geek cupcakes!

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A few days ago Jamie was complaining about how she wanted a cupcake or something. So I started sending her all these images of these cupcakes just to torture her. When I saw Kais post I was like “Holy crap!” I have probably 20 more at home so I’ll add them later.

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Custom Painted Star Wars Car

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eBay user, petermanart, tried to sell his aribrushed car for $20,000 USD. He only had 1 offer for $12,000 which he declined.  The art on this car is very well done, but I’m not sure anyone would want to be caught riding around in a Star Wars fanboy type car.  Especially a Chevy Colbalt.  It’s a shame that all that hard work and great art was wasted on a crappy car.  For more pictures of the car, go past the break.

[via eBay]

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10 Geek Tramp Stamps

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I don’t know who started the fad of putting tattoos on your lower back, but I don’t mind seeing them on the ladies.  And whats hotter is a geek or nerd girl that gets one.  She doesn’t say shes promiscuous, but seeing a “tramp stamp” might say she is.  Now, there are some hot geek tramp stamps and then there are some geek tramp stamps that just look like a bad idea.  Makes you wonder “wtf were you thinking?!”


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