Jessica Nigri – Making Pokemon sexy, 1 costume at a time [Update x 2]

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A wild Zangoose appears!


A sexy Zangoose appears!

At first, when the internets went crazy for this girl, Jessica Nigri, I honesty thought that she was a 1 costume person.  So, I really thought her 15mins was up.  Well, reset that timer because even more photos of her have surfaced, but this time as another Pokemon character named Zangoose.  If you want to see more photos of this costume, go past the break.  Also, if you didn’t see her famous rendition of Pikachu in a yellow miniskirt and tail costume from Comic con 2009, visit this post.

Update: 2 more photos of this wild pokemon

Update 2: 2 more photos. Not of pokemon, but something different. Read On

The hottest cosplayer at Comic-Con 2009 is Jessica Nigri [Update x2]

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Wow this post is old. Want more recent cosplay pics? Head here!


Jessica Nigri dressed as a very sexy and very hot rendtion of a Pikachu in a yellow mini skirt at the San Diego Comic-Con 2009.  I’ll just leave you with a quote from a redditor.

“She turned my magikarp into a gyarados.” – bigwangbowski

More photos after the break.

Update: So, apparently people found her Facebook page.  I’ll admit, I’m one of the many guys that went there, but for good intentions.  Just wanted to tell her about this post.  She replied with a “Thank you.”  But when I tried to replied back, I noticed her profile is gone.  I guess either she deleted it or locked it down so no one can find it.  I guess that’s what happens when you wear this to a nerd convention. Oh, btw, I added 5 more pics that have surfaced on the nets. Enjoy ;)

Update 2: MOAR photos at the bottom.

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Comic-Con – Cosplay – Day 4

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Day 4 of Comic Con is Kids day.  There wasn’t that much cosplaying or costumes walking around this day.  MAke sense since not much was going on.  It’s pretty much the day when all vendors are selling their left over stuff for an even cheaper discount because they want as less stuff to carry back to their trucks.

I asked this guy what he thought about 2012. His response was "not gonna happen."

I asked this guy what he thought about 2012. His response was "not gonna happen."

To view all the cosplay/costume pics from the Comic-Con kids day, go past the break Read On

Smash Bros. Cosplay

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Check out photographer Greg De Setfano‘s awesome gallery of Smash Bros. cosplay.  Like any great cosplay, each costume looks really close to the character they are playing as.  But I’ve never seen Sonic in a wheelchair.  When did he get hurt? I hope he’s going to be ok because if he’s really hurt, I’d feel bad. Poor Sonic.

Also, you’ll might recognize some of the cosplayers from the web series, There Will Be Brawl.


To check out the gallery, go past the break. Read On