Cosplay World Record broken at the London Expo

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The MCM London Expo has broken the world record for the most cosplayers from a video game convened in one venue, Saturday 23rd May. This years world record breaking number totalled 376 people dressed up as their fave game character beating the previous world record as set by last October’s London Games Festival totalling a paltry 337 cosplayers.


A long line of avid cosplayers queuing up for registration

Video games Cosplay however only played a small part in the expo with many, many more characters from sci-fi, manga, anime and movies on show. Be sure to come back and check out the best, the worst and the awesome cosplay from the Expo a little later.

Street Fighter Underground

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Today I got my first taste of the SF4 underground. I found out that they have small tournaments held at different players homes a week ago. I thought that was pretty intense. My man Frank Fresh, a DJ/Street Fighter Tournament player, called me and told me that there was going to be  SF4 tournament today.  Which happened to be down the street from my apartment.

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Yaya Han Cosplays as the Hottest Christie from Dead or Alive 4

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UPDATE: On May 13th, Yaya Han will be our LIVE guest on PixelatedLIVE. Click here for more information.


HOT DAMN. I would like to take this moment to say that the #1 cosplay girl on my Top 10 cosplayers should now be number 2.  Because #7 has taken her place as Christie from Dead or Alive 4.  I really don’t think video game related cosplay could get any hotter than this.  But, I wouldn’t mind if it did. For more info on Yaya Han, read her newly published interview at

Reference Shots
christie-ref christie-ref2 christie-ref3

Yaya as Christie
christie2 christie3 christie4 christie7 christie8 christie9 christie10 christie12

Yaya fighting
christieayane christieayane2 christieayane3 christieayane4 christieayane7