Smash Bros. Cosplay

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Check out photographer Greg De Setfano‘s awesome gallery of Smash Bros. cosplay.  Like any great cosplay, each costume looks really close to the character they are playing as.  But I’ve never seen Sonic in a wheelchair.  When did he get hurt? I hope he’s going to be ok because if he’s really hurt, I’d feel bad. Poor Sonic.

Also, you’ll might recognize some of the cosplayers from the web series, There Will Be Brawl.


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E3 Day 1 – Cosplay

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I was very much dissapointed at the lack of cosplay at E3.  Why aren’t people coming in as their favorite video game characters.  There was only one girl we saw cosplaying as C. Viper from Steet Fighter 4, but it was at the DigitalLA/GamerGirl party. Here is a small collection of photos of costumes seen today.

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Cosplay at the London Expo

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Sci-Fi of course wasn’t the only thing on show at this May’s London Expo. Characters from anime, manga, computer games and a boat load of Gothic Dolls were on show.

Here’s some of the better ones. Thanks to all that took part, again if you want hi-res versions of these shots send me an email.