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Free Epics!

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The word on the street is that season 2 Merciless arena gear is free atm for warlocks and priests.  Two caster necks and a ring are also currently bugged and showing as available for purchase without any cost.  Both were found in the Hall of Legend in Orgrimmar.

The Brutal Gladiator 2-handers are also available without arena requirements, but still require the arena points to be purchased.  The off-hand Hunter axe is free as well.

Blizzard will probably put a hot fix in soon, so nab them while you can!

Ford's 2009 F-150 Campaign

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Ford’s new campaign is looking good.  First time I saw one of the commercials during a football game, my eyes were wide open.  Trying to take in every frame my eyes could without blinking. Then sadly, it was over. Now, being a geek, you know what I quickly did.

Yup! Pulled out the laptop, and quickly searched for the ads. But, to my amazement, there are none to be found yet on the net.  Can someone please link some for me in the comment section? Share with the class please. Thank you!

Until I get those links or find them myself, after the break here are some other typography videos to enjoy

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