CES 2010: NYKO

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More CES fun, I had an appointment to meet with Nyko. If your not familiar with Nyko they make a lot of accessories for various consoles. I myself have a couple of Nyko products at the house including their charging unit for the Wii. I got to see all the new upcoming products for 2010. I have to say there were some interesting products coming out.

My thoughts after the Break.

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CES 2010: Psyko Audio – True Surround Sound for Your Headphones

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At first glance these Psyko headsets look a bit odd, but upon closer inspection you realize that they are … well, REALLY odd. That is a good thing, and we have been waiting too long for someone to break the mold and innovate damnit! The surround provided by the headset we tested on the show floor was, barring the low volume compared to the ambient hall, really cool. Five speakers mounted in the cross piece of the headset pump the sounds into tubes that carry the sound to the front and back of your ears. This natural flow allows sounds to be correctly processed by your brain and you get really pinpoint directionality. During our demo the sources of the gunfire in the game were relatively easy to locate. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that the ear covers are vented, so no sweaty-head during those marathon game sessions.

The headset’s inventor, and Psyko’s “Head Psyko”, James Hildebrandt told us that he spent a long time disassembling traditional speakers in an attempt to learn how sound works in our heads. By moving them around and contemplating how the sound reached his ears, he made the breakthroughs present in Psyko’s psychoacoustic masterpiece.

All of this auditory bliss is handled by the headset; your computer will not know the difference between this headset and any other 5.1 surround device. Yes, this is currently only available to the PC market, and demand has been steep. There is a bit of a backlog of orders as peoples’ orders are outpacing Psyko’s manufacturing. XBOX360 models, also with mics, are currently being tested and should be out around midyear.  Once the PC ordering blitz calms down I would personally love to pick up a pair.

The headset’s inventor, and Psyko’s “Head Psyko”, James Hildebrandt told us that he spent a long time disassembling traditional speakers in an attempt to learn how sound works in our heads. By moving them around and contemplating how the sound reached his ears, he made the breakthroughs present in Psyko’s psychoacoustic masterpiece.

CES 2010: Swagg – Firethorn’s Upcoming Mobile Application – UPDATED!

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What do you get when you combine your digital wallet, coupons, gift cards and a social network? Swagg. Firethorn, a sub of Qualcomm, threw a pretty sweet mixer and handed out Swagg Attack drinks (recipe to follow), thumb drives and an express invite to see Kid Rock at the Hard Rock Hotel. While we had to duck out the concert, we did get a chance to see Firethorn’s pitch and chat with some Qualcomm folks. Hey, even Kara DioGuardi from American Idol made an appearance.

The thumb drive contained a PDF and a video (see after the break).

The Swagg Attack Recipe:

1.5 oz. Patron Silver Tequila
0.5 oz. Marischino Liqueur
0.75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
0.25 oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec
1 dash of green Crème de Menthe
Garnish with an orange disc


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CES 2010: Vuzix – Great Concept, But Apparently Not For Me

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I was rather psyched about getting to see some augmented reality and glasses-portable display tech here at CES. Apparently, my eyes must not be capable of decoding all that high-tech viewage. Vuzix‘s Wrap line and soon to come augmented reality glasses are probably going to be really good, but unfortunately the booth was nowhere near complete. The one pair of glasses I did manage to demo was running a 3D video, but I was seeing a triple image in my view.

Yea, so … unless there was some random technical glitch, I apparently am not able to see a single merged image, I see three!  That aside, their other offering was a 3D scanning technology that allows you to live scan an object, WITH textures into your system. Video clip after the break…
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CES 2010: Lego Universe

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What is LEGO Universe really about?

In the universe of LEGO, something is causing a maelstrom to rid the universe of its imagination.  It is up to every LEGO good spirit to rid these evil LEGO spirits by using more imagination.  Launching this year for PC only, LEGO will launch an MMO like no other.  I know that sounds cliched but it is a type of MMO that I have never seen before. Reason being is that the only MMO I have ever played was World of Warcraft.

But the idea of a MMO game where there is no leveling caught me off guard.  I didn’t know what to expect from LEGO before the exclusive presentation I was invited to.  The whole point of the MMO is not to “level up” your character but to “level up” your imagination by completing quests and collecting different LEGO bricks, mini-fig parts, and special LEGO accessories.

Create your own universe

With all these collected LEGO bricks you can build custom in game items or you can bring it into your own private property and build your own LEGO land.  Just like what you would do in real life. This was one of the main features of the game that really caught my attention. You buy bricks, build a model and play in it in your home.  With this private property you can build anything you can imagine and invite your friends to play in it.  Build a house, build race cars and a race track, or even build puzzles for your friends to figure out.  Again, the only limit is your imagination which is what the LEGO brand is all about.

More from my meeting with LEGO Universe at CES, screen shots, and a trailer after the break.

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CES 2010: CLO Systems – A Lot More Impressive in Person

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I had the opportunity to talk with Laura and Ken of CLO Systems as the previewed their X-Arm T and S product lines. Now, at first glance I must admit I didn’t really have the excitement I held for other exhibitors on the show floor while going to meet with CLO Systems. I must say that I came away much more impressed and am glad I took the time to visit!

CLO Systems provides tilt, swivel and fully automatic mounts for flat screen displays. The entry model has a MSRP of $49.00 and provides multi-directional manual tilt control. Other tilt models allow you to lock the bracket into multiple configurations, from flush to any number of positions. Now, this only covers vertical tilt so far, they also have horizontal models that can really bring your picture out into the room. The mounts can provide 2-3 feet of extension and nearly 360 degree positioning (sans the depth of the TV itself). All of their mounts use a patented weighting and balance system and make it so that you do not have to adjust tension screws or bang up your knuckles.

CLO Systems have ensured that their products provide a wide range of abilities and prices throughout their line. Their intro automated model has a MSRP of $99.00 and tilts from a flush, 1 inch reveal to a 15 degree tilt for glare reduction. There is an under-unit mounted IR receptor to allow the use of their controller, or your own programmable universal remote. The higher end models provide display presets that will automatically engage when the TV is turned on. This is done via a plug into the TV’s video out ports.

The big daddy X-Arm bracket is the flagship product and retails for $599.00, but is well worth the price. This model extends a good foot or more from the wall and provides a full range of motions to point the display to any direction in the room. Its mechanism has a pressure sensitive retract so that kids, pets or careless party-goers do not get smashed.

Check out the gallery and some videos after the break…
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CES 2010 – Review: Polaroid Pogo

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After returning from the Polaroid Party it was time to test out the Polaroid Pogo. I wasn’t familiar with the product at first, but seeing is believing. I was introduced to the product by brief demo, I have to say I was blown away by the idea. It reminded me of the old days of having a Polaroid Camera. So what is a Pogo? How does it hold up as a product? Check out the full review after the break.

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CES 2010: What we are doing for Day 1

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As I type this, Andrew and James are still getting ready for what is officially day 1 of CES 2010. Ok. Well they trying to get ready. They are both like slow moving bears waking up from a long hibernation. Any who, here is a list of companies we’ll be meeting with today.

  • Denny’s – “I hear they have made some stunning advances in pancake technology” – James
  • Philips
  • Splitfish
  • LEGO Universe – LEGO’s Massively Multiplayer Game
  • Capcom – Super Street Fighter 4, Lost Planet 2 and more
  • Casio
  • Syndiant – Really small chips for Pico Projectors
  • Intel – Ba bum bum bum
  • In and Out Burger
  • Qualcomm / SWAGG party

Yup. We’ll be really busy.