PAX 2009 – Microsoft Announces Dream.Build.Play Winners

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Yesterday, I wrote about my experience with Dean Dodrill’s Dust: An Elysian Tail here at the Microsoft Indie Games booth at PAX. Well, it seems like Microsoft has announced their winners…and surprise, surprise, it seems Dust has taken home the gold. I knew from the moment I saw the game that it was something special and I’m glad it won. Now it just needs to make its way onto XBLA soon because I want to play some more.

Congratulations to Dean Dodrill, creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail and the other finalists for such great entries. I leave you with the press release if your want to know more about Dust and the runners up. Just go past the break. Read On

PAX 2009 – Dust: An Elysian Tail

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Indie games seem to be gaining notoriety these days. It’s not hard to figure out, really. Digital distribution is quickly picking up steam, making it easier to make games available without shipping or manufacturing cost.


My first day here at PAX, I saw a lot of fun and interesting things. But nothing stood out to me more than when I headed to the Microsoft XNA Booth (XNA is a set of tools that allows for a more streamlined system for game development) to check out the six finalists for their Dream.Build.Play, which challenges independent game developers to create new, innovative titles using XNA Game Studio. While the games I demoed were all rather fun and interesting to me, only one really stood out to me: Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Created by Dean Dodrill, Dust is a beautiful, sidescrolling action RPG. What I played didn’t delve too much into the story of the game, but for those of you wondering why exactly Dust stood out to me, it is quite simple: the visuals for the game were hand-animated and painted, not computer generated and it flowed quite nicely during gameplay. The combat itself was allowed for some combos and seemed fairly intuitive for the most part. The visuals strike a chord with that part of my inner-child that calls for childish fantasy.

Yes...those are actual gameplay graphics.

Yes...those are actual gameplay graphics.

Again, while not delving too much into the story, the demo definitely showed that much work and passion had gone into development, and has used a world that he had established as part of an independent animated film as a backdrop for his vision. As a fantasy fiction writer (not a very good one, I’ll admit), crafting a fantastic and imaginative world is difficult and I applaud Dean Dodrill for doing such a good job.

Microsoft will be announcing the winner of the Dream.Build.Play contest on Sunday, the winner of which gets $40,000, plus the opportunity at winning an Xbox Live Arcade publisher’s contract. Whether Dust wins or not, I truly hope we see this on the Xbox Live Indie channel as a downloadable title, as each contestant has the opportunity to submit their works onto XBLA. It’s something I’d definitely pay to get my hands on.

For more info on Microsoft XNA and Dream.Build.Play, visit their site.

For more info on Dust: An Elysian Tail and Dodrill’s Elysian Tail universe, visit the official website.

Comic Jumper, Twisted Pixel's Newest IP revealed at PAX

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TwistedPixel comes out with a great announcement.  Their third original IP and I must say.  It is DEFINITELY original.  Check out the announcement trailer below and you’ll be an instant fan of the game.  Sure they used a couple of sound effects from Splosion Man, but hey.  That doesn’t mean the game isn’t going to be super awesome.  I’ll be meeting with TwistedPixel tomorrow to get more details on this.

Aeria Games to give PAX attendees a first hand look at Hello Kitty Online

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No, it’s not Hello Kitty Island Adventure. But it could be even better.  Aeria Games has sent out an e-mail inviting press and attendees to their booth, #22, to test out the beta version of it.  Hey, if Butters likes it so much, maybe you should give it a shot too.  I mean, it’s a free-to-play MMO.  What harm could it do?

More information at the official website.

Our PAX 2009 schedule – HOLY CARP we'll be busy

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Screen shot 2009-09-02 at 7.57.28 PM

Here is our PAX weekend schedule. We are going to be very, very busy.  This is our first expo that we’ve took more time to setup for.  E3 was our first official event we tried to cover.  E3 was more of a learning experience for us and we are taking those lessons with us to PAX.

If you’re wondering why you see black bars on my Friday schedule, that is when I’m on the plane to get to Seattle. No, its not anything confidential that I blacked out.

If you want to follow my adventure through this weekend, follow my live blog (powered by ScribbleLive).

Twisted Pixel to Unveil New Game at PAX

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According to Twisted Pixel’s Michael Wilford, the company’s third game will be unveiled this weekend at PAX. In lieu of a press release, we here at PixelatedGeek simply received an email message:

Hello Friends!

Originally, we were going to wait a little longer to do this, but we just decided to go ahead and reveal our next original IP game at our booth 3102 at PAX.  The reveal will be a short video presentation at our booth taking place at 4 pm Pacific Time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  After PAX, you can find the video at  Please check us out at those times, and feel free to schedule a time to chat with us, we have plenty of slots still open.  Just email me!


With such great games such as The Maw and ‘Splosion Man under their belts, we are absolutely excited about what comes next. Thankfully, Nelson will be meeting with Twisted Pixel this Saturday so we’ll be sure give you this exciting news as soon as we get it.

Intel is giving away stuff! [Contest]

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Are you going to be at PAX? Good for you! Are you going to be at the Intel booth at PAX? Double Good for you! Why is it double good? Because Intel (bummmmmm ba bum bu BUM!), is giving away dozens of Core i7 CPUs, gaming laptops, thousands of T-shirts and much more!

“But Nelson, I was late to buy tickets to PAX and now I can’t make it. *emoticon sad face*”

Worry not Loser Larry. Because you can still have a chance to win a Velocity Micro Edge Z30 Desktop (approximate Retail Value: $1,299).  All you gotta do is head on over to to enter the drawing.

Read On

Capcom will be selling stuff

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500x_FFIn Capcoms debut PAX appearance, Capcom will be coming out of the gate with an exclusive tournament stick and a Street fighter 4 T-Shirt.  If you don’t have a PAX ticket, then you’re already shit out of luck.

The Street Fighter 4 tournament stick will feature the women from SF4 and have a purple trim for your girly, gay, or metro side of you.

The other item they will be selling is a different color combination of a unique SF4 shirt design.  The shirt is designed to look like an old boxing match flier between Vega and Balrog.  The color combination might be a gray background with blue ink.


The tournament stick will be going for a wallet burning $159.99.  We aren’t sure yet on the price of the shirt.  If you want any of these limited edition items, get your butt over to the Capcom booth early.

Oh and if you see some guy demo-ing Monster Hunter, tell him “Jamie isn’t even being cool anymore.”