What the Hell is a Mexican Doing at E3 – Night 2

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Chillin' with Khail and Bill

Chillin' with Khail and Bill

Taking some time to rest following the day’s activities, we geared up and headed to the Lucky Strike bar by the ESPN Center, where Riot Games and THQ were showcasing League of Legends, which is essentially DotA made into a full game. Meeting up with our friend Bill, I was introduced to Khail Anonymous, producer with Dark Hero Studios, David Hayter’s (Solid Snake himself and screenwriter for X-Men and X2) production company, which tripped me out. We wound up hanging out with Khail and Bill after the party at Lucky Strike ended, which was really cool, especially when I talked with Khail about his work with Hayter. Read On

Pictures from EA / NOS Energy Drink E3 Party

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Our second party stop for the night was at the small EA / NOS Energy Drink party.  EA had setup 4 PS3 stations that all had Need for Speed on it.  People were encourage to play and demo the new Need for Speed game and were also told that the winner with the fastest time would get into the drawing for a new BMW. Wow.  Just like the Riot Games / THQ party, there was an open bar, people dancing, mingling and playing video games.  I love E3 parties.  You could be a geek and play video games and people are ok with it.

Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed: Shift

More pics after the break Read On

E3 Dragon Age Origin: Hands On

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Had the opportunity to see a gameplay demo for Dragon Age then got to try it out.

Right away the character interaction stood out. Much like previous Bioware games most people have come to expect some fantastic storys and characters. It seems they’ve taken it to a new level. In the demo you are the team leader. Depending how you interact with particular charcters depends on how others will view you. When a character trusts in your leadership their character attributes increase. If they don’t trust you they’ll leave the party.

Onwards to the hands on impressions. I got to play the demo on the 360. Apparently all the console systems will look and feel the same. In terms of the controls it was a little difficult at first but then there wasn’t a tutorial given. After a couple of minutes using the controls I began to undestand how things worked. The load times were nice. Nothing to long. The graphics look great was actually suprised how well it ran. The attacking is all done with the A button. Magic is assigned to the others. Left stick controls your character while the right controls the camera.

Overall the game felt great. Load times were nice and the game moved quickly. Looking forward to taking the final version of the game for a spin.

E3 EA Bioware

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At the EA conference Bioware showcased their 3 major titles. Starting with Dragon Age Origins.

Simply put Dragon Age Origins looks fantastic. The talking points were set in motion. Essentially it’s supposed to be the most mature Bioware title yet. That the choices that you make would make you question yourself. Both those ideas sound fantastic. Then the lights the dimmed and the trailer rolled. For whatever reason it was set to Mason again. I guess someone in the marketing dept felt it should be used. The game from what was seen looked great. It seemed pretty mature and in a fantasy genre that seemed more interesting then the genric stuff I’ve seen.

Next up was Mass Effect 2. From what was being said you are assembling a team to help save the galaxy. Pretty much where we left off in the first one. Essentially though this is a little darker then the first Mass Effect. The gameplay looked great seemed to run a lot smoother. The only thing that feels out of place is some of the weapons. They have added some new ones that are supposed to be bigger and more powerful. I have to say I wonder how this will effect the gameplay and overall balance. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

The final showing was of the new MMO Old Republic. Let me just state that tons of jedi and sith marched out to show this :) The big announcements were that it’s going to be the first fully vocal mmo. Apparently everyone will have a unique voice. I found this to be interesting, I hope it to be true but I’m a little skeptical about it. The other big tease was that every story will be unique. I really hope this to be true but I wonder how this will effect the MMO gameplay I guess it could start off that way but then you’ll just slip into that grinding rut.

Overall a big showing for Bioware and EA. Now it’s time to gets some hands on :)

EA Press Conference

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Well I’ve been dropped off at my first conference of the day. Which happens to be for EA. When I say dropped I actually pretty much just jumped from the Pixelated Geek Mobile aka: the Prius. Anywho, we were stood a gigantic line with other Press Folk only to be told we were in the wrong line. So now in a bigger line :) More updates to come.

E3 2009 Final Weekend News and Rumors

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Oh Yeah...We're Going!

Oh Yeah...We're Going!

This is it…the weekend before E3. All of us over here a Pixelated Geek are excited to be able to cover what is quite arguably one of the biggest gaming expo’s of the year. There’s so much we still don’t know about what’s coming this year or what to expect, but here’s some more about what we know and can expect.


Sony Unveiling New, Slim PS3?

On the Sony front, talks about a hardware redesign have started surfacing, and speculation is point towards a new PS3. Similar to Sony’s route with the PS2 and PSP, rumor has it that the company is planning to release the PS3 Slim, a significantly smaller version of the black monolith. Of course, the redesign wouldn’t bring that much new stuff to the table, except maybe table space, but the inclusion of Bluetooth 3.0 might be coming with the new system.

However, since no console was specified, the hardware redesign could be for a multitude of things, like the PS2, which is still going strong, or the PSP, though the new PSP Go! has been all but confirmed. Then again, there’s still the rumor of that PS3 Motion controller, which I wouldn’t doubt is coming.

However, there’s news that while a Slim PS3 is in fact on the way, we won’t be seeing it at E3.

Why, you ask? There’s still many standard PS3 systems still available and Sony wants to let those sell before unveiling the updated model. Maybe Sony should go forward with a price drop if they want to unload the rest of those systems. But who knows whether or not that will happen anytime soon.

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256 Player MAG Demo for Journalists

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s highly anticipated MMOFPS (that’s Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter for those of you that aren’t up on the latest acronyms) MAG, formerly Massive Action Game, will be playable at this year’s E3, with Journalists being part of eight-man teams to be led by the game’s developers, taking part in 256-player games. Sounds exciting.



Microsoft Reveal Plan for Zune Integration with the Xbox 360

Microsoft will be showing off the Zune HD at E3 and, likewise, will be showcase just exactly how it will be integrated with the Xbox 360. Not just satisfied with Zune connectivity, the Zune brand will become part of the Xbox 360’s Video Marketplace, similar to Netflix Instant Streaming, and will offer a library of TV Shows and Movies to 360 owners.



Does Miyamoto’s Absence from Nintendo’s Press Conference Mean More Gamer Oriented Presentation?

Startling news from Nintendo has revealed that the father of many great franchises, such as Mario and Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto will not be speaking at Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference. With previous E3 Press Conferences being geared towards the more family friendly games, his absence from this year’s conference may signal a break from the current family-friendly strategy and a return to some of Nintendo’s core franchises. Who knows, we may see a new Super Mario or Zelda game announced this year. One can only hope, right?


Wii Fit Plus to be Revealed at E3

However, even without Miyamoto at the Press Conference, speculation of a Wii Fit Plus being unveiled at E3 are still going strong. Apparently, Nintendo has already trademarked the name and E3 would be the perfect time to make a dramatic. But even with the popular title in the works, the chance of some of Nintendo’s core titles making a showing at E3 is still anticipated.



Activision Blizzard Confirms E3 Line-Up

Activision Blizzard has released their E3 line up, though with only the Activision half of the company showing up, it’s no surprised that they’re all Activision titles.

Along with the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, here’s a list of what to expect:

  • Blur
  • DJ Hero
  • Guitar Hero 5
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
  • Prototype
  • Singularity
  • Tony Hawk: RIDE
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • Wolfenstein



EA Unveils E3 Line-Up

EA has also released their E3 and it’s a doozy. Along with some of the more anticipated titles, such as The Sims 3 and Mass Effect 2. We’re definitely gonna have a lot on our hands when we get to the EA booth next week.

With just a little over two dozen titles, EA promises to have much to show. Here’s a list of what they’ve got in store:

  • Army of Two: The 40th Day
  • Battlefield 1943
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Brutal Legend
  • Dante’s Inferno
  • Dead Space Extraction
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • EA Sports Active
  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis
  • FIFA 10
  • Fight Night Round 4
  • G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Madden NFL 10
  • Mass Effect 2
  • MySims Agents
  • NCAA Football 10
  • NHL 10
  • Need for Speed NITRO
  • Need for Speed SHIFT
  • Spore Hero
  • Spore Hero Arena
  • The Saboteur
  • The Sims 3
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10



More cryptic images from Kojima regarding new Metal Gear. Plus new project: MASK

Kojima Productions has been driving gamers insane with their needless countdowns, mysterious symbols and images. And now, clicking on the Kojima Productions logo on the countdown site reveals a new site. Labeled “MASK,” my suspicions that the team at KP are working on more than just the next MGS game may have been right all along. The site shows a mask (obviously), slowly revealing a creepy woman underneath as a creepy tune plays in the background.


And back on the MGS front, as the countdown gets lower, more symbols have begun to appear, with a picture of what appears to be the Cyborg Ninja, Raiden. However, a closer look reveals the character has brown eyes, whereas Raiden has blue eyes. Maybe this some new character altogether.

That's not Raiden

That's not Raiden

With MASK seeming as though it is a completely separate project, will we see it at E3. And while we’re on the topic, could we possibly see any other non-MGS projects? Maybe Zone of the Enders 3?



No Dead Rising 2 at E3 due to Swine Flu concerns

Bad news on the Capcom front. Dead Rising 2 will apparently not be shown at E3 due to Swine Flu concerns. I didn’t know Zombies had to worry about the flu, but travel precautions and government restrictions have made it necessary for the Japanese developers that back out of the trip. However, it seems that Dead Rising 2 is the only game that Capcom won’t be showcasing. Given the early stage of the game’s development, the team isn’t comfortable with someone else handling what they have. Bummer.



Kingdom Hearts Team not making the trip either

More bad news, this time for Kingdom Hearts fans. Again, due to Swine Flu concerns, Square-Enix has cancelled plans for its Kingdom Hearts team to attend E3. It’s unfortunate, especially for those expecting a KH3 announcement this year, though whether an unveiling of Kingdom Hearts-related games will still surface, given that staff from both European and American divisions of Square-Enix, as well as some Japanese representatives will still be making the trip.



Atari cancels plans for E3

Atari has seemingly backed out of E3 this year. With less than a month before kick-off, the company had apparently decided to cancel their plans for E3, supposedly focusing more on other marketing plans for their upcoming titles, including Ghostbusters. I have to say, I feel like this is more Atari’s loss than E3’s. However, only time will tell if this was a smart move.


Well, that’s about it. Stay tuned, because next week, Pixelated Geek hits the big time, live (sort of) from LA and the Electronic Entertainment Expo.